1. Considering the present UN-declared world challenges as for global warming, explosion of the global population, dangerous manmade reduction of species, pollution in the biosphere, atmosphere and hydrosphere, reckless exploitation of the natural resources of the lithosphere, increasing urbanization, increasing conflicts of different cultures, reduction of the public healthcare, AIDS, increasing loss of the mind of life, we proclaime the introduction of a holistic orientated culture.
2. Holism means that each system like our earth, like regions as the European Union, but also smaller regions like Central or Eastern Europe or even sub-regions like the Alps, etc. should be – as open systems – self-organizing, but also self-similar units, that we will call “holotopes”. This means that such holotopes are in agreement with nature and mind.
3. Therefore, holistic culture should be based on three principles:
·  The principle of the self-organizing ability of open, non-linear coupled systems, for discovering of their laws the Nobel price was awarded to Ilya Prigogine in 1977
·  The principle of self-similar units reaching from small holotopes to the UN
·  The principle of a holosophical ethics in the sense of the famous scientist, philosopher and the essence and ethics of monades as units proclaiming Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz
4. By the use of permanently evolving know-ledge and wisdom in science, philosophy, art and holosophical ethics, a responsible and holistic orientated society should be able to meet the present challenges of our earth.
5. Our symbol is the earth as a blue point in front of a dark background – a real picture of our earth taken from a satellite near the planet Mars.
6. In order to realize the holistic culture, proclaimed here in Sofia, we should proceed step by step beginning with the establishment of an “Academy for Holistic Culture”.

Sofia 13th of October, 2007
Mentor Herbert J. Klima
Preamble of AHC


The „Academy of Holistic Culture AHC“is based on a holistic ethics and the international „Proclamation of Sofia“ declared for supporting the establishment of holistic regions called „Holotops“. People of holotops are trying to realize a holistic life style in agreement with the laws of nature and an according wisdom of wholeness called „Holosophy“.


Holotops are holistic, self-similar or fractal habitats reflecting the wholeness of our planet Earth at different regional scales and climate zones where the four spheres of Earth, i.e. water, air, earth‘s crust and life are interacting in a self-organizing and synergetic way with the light of the sun. The knowledge of this holistic interacting system and its application for sustainable development of holotops are the essence of „Holistic Culture“ to be supported in the frame of AHC.


The planet Earth, but also the whole solar system, finally the whole cosmos itself, are underlying permanent and irreversible changes at different long-time scales. From geophysical point of view there are relatively slow phases on Earth in lithosphere, like mounain forming by the drift of continents. On the other hand and besides of their geologically slow and relatively stabile phases like mean sea temperature or carbon dioxide consentration in the air, hydrosphere and atmosphere are also ruled by rather fast changing dynamics like tides or wheater. All these spherical dynamics are influencing the biosphere because the four spheres of Earth are a strongly connected to each other and therefore an unseparable, but also evolving wholeness. All these actions are not only formed on a global scale, but are also reflected locally in all holistic regions or holotops. The knowledge of these systemic and dynamic laws of nature – panta rhei – and life in agreement with cosmical laws or logos – like the ancient philosopher Heraklith used to say – are the content of the science and philosophy to be taken into account in the frame of AHC.


The civilized part of mankind is now causing more and more disturbing influences on the dynamical equlilibrium of the four spheres like increase of carbon dioxide in the air, pollution of water in rivers, lakes and sea, reckless exploitation of lithospherical ressources and decimation of biological species. Consequently and in agreement with the knowledge of nonlinear dynamical systems considered in the AHC, the dynamics of the Earth is changing in the direction of more or less short-time spherical rhythms, a behaviour that finally could lead to complete unpredictability - as we know today from the scientifically proved laws of Chaos Theory.


Hence, the AHC is supporting the knowledge of the laws of the dynamics of nonlinear coupled systems and its application to the whole Earth as well as to holistically organized local regions or holotops. AHC is planning and performing national and international projects on these topics. It is striving for the establishment of corresponding local institutions for teaching and learning the theoretical principles and practical actions based on the laws of nonlinear dynamics. Finally, the main goal of AHC is to establish model-holotops as contributions helping to solve present geopolitical problems.

Erde vom Mars aus


Holotops are self-similar or fractal and self-organizing regions reflecting locally the wholeness of our planet Earth in different ways.

People in holotops take the knowledge of science about the holistic interaction of the four spheres, i.e. hydrosphere, atmosphere, lithosphere and biosphere, together with the light of the sun into consideration.

People in holotops are striving to those holistic wisdom or „holosophy“ that the ethical responsibility for the unseperable network of the four spheres is the essence of their life.

By the application and artistic expression of the holosophical wisdom in all areas of holotops people in holotops are taking in love responsibility for our planet Earth, too.


AHC is performing its goals by public work, seminars and symposia, support of media, publications etc.


AHC is researching in fields like dynamical networks and fractals, energy, strategies of evolution, holosophical ethics etc.


AHC is striving cooperation by initiatives for regional development , institutions with similar goals, holistic education institutions, holistic application institutions etc.


AHC aims to establishment of model-holotops, holistic agraculture, holistic medicine, holistic architecture etc.


AHC is based on holistic reasoning or principles which do not regard opposite notions as two parts of an excluding logics (tertium non tatur), but as two complementary poles. In this way, the two complementary parts are forming a unit (in Greek: monas) or a wholeness (in Greek: holon; in China: dao).

From this point of view, body and soul (or spirit) are forming a wholeness. This philosophical positions is called „holism“. The corresponding wisdom is called „holosophy“, the wisdom of wholeness in science, philosophy, art and ethics.

Unser Planet vom Mond aus

Planet Earth seen from Mars
Earth seen from the moon